Flood Tragedy in Madeira

Death Toll Rises after Disaster

The recent floods on the Portugal Island of Madeira have shocked the world, coming only shortly after the Haiti earthquakes mother nature appears to be striking fatal blows at the start of this New Year.

Careful examination from Meteorologists has come up with some shocking results as on Saturday the amount of rainfall that fell was more than would fall over the length of a whole month in Madeira.  While no more rain is expected for the next few days it would appear that the damage has already well and truly been done.

Portuguese rescuers worked courageously and desperately in an attempt to save those who were in direct danger. Many were trapped by the ferociously travelling floods and mudslides that carried debris and dirt through the streets. Rescuers were left with only their bare hands at times to try and prise and dig people to safety. While many people were aided by rescue attempts other did not share the same fortune. It has been announced that at least 42 people have been killed as a result of this flood chaos.

Many hotels withstood the flood battering against the walls and doors which kept many tourists and natives of the island safe. Unfortunate many of those who died were locals of the area, and while some lost their lives other lost their homes, a number which came to a total of 240.

While the disaster seems to have passed and the excavation of the destruction caused there is a possibility of bodies still being found. While currently no British national are said to have died during the floods there are reports of some people missing or at least unaccounted for.

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