Florida Loses Its Head start

Visitor numbers drop after ash cloud and late booking chaos.
Florida is facing decreasing UK visitor numbers this year after the effects of the ash cloud and the late-booking market due to the World Cup and the general election. In comparison to the record highs that the state saw in 2008, this year does not appear to be going well for the sunshine state. Early predictions have shows that British visitor numbers have decreased by up to 10% from the 1.5 million that jetted off to Florida in 2008. At the start of the year the numbers were set to increase however the travel chaos caused by the ash cloud has had a dramatic effect on this improvement.
Florida is now hoping to push their advertising and marketing promotions to try and entice some of the visitors back to the once highly popular holiday destination. People have been heading to the American state for many years, looking to enjoy the many theme parks, beaches and year round sunshine that the state is famous for. The US is also still one of the best value for money destinations with a dollar exchange rate of around $1.42 to the pound.
Although the ash cloud has cleared up the effects of the volcano are still being felt by the travel industry. Many travel agents are capitalising on the passengers need for holiday security by promoting holiday deals. With so many travellers stuck in foreign countries the security of a package deal is now a highly desirable alternative to a DIY break.

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