Foreign Office Warning Labelled Absurd

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The UK’s Foreign Office had issued a warning to those thinking and already booked to fly into Bangkok due to the ongoing disputes there between police and anti-government protesters. During these protests 26 people have been killed and a further 1,000 injured, and as a result the Foreign Office has extended their warning to the rest of Thailand, something which has frustrated the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

Those who were all set to travel to Thailand have been forced to cancel or at least delay their holidays on the back of this advice. The frustration lies with the fact that the main focus of these protests is in the country’s capital, Bangkok, and the rest of the country is more than safe enough to visit.

A spokesperson for Thomas Cook has said they are willing to rearrange trips and cancel package holidays free of charge for customers, while those who have flights only are able to travel despite been warned against it.

Journalists based in Bangkok see the Foreign Office’s advice as very puzzling, Andrew Marshall says that “The number of protestors is diminishing, and they are always found in just one part of the city.”

A spokeswoman for TAT said “We accept the advice against travelling to Bangkok. We do believe it is excessive to advise against travel to the rest of the country.”

TAT and the Royal Thai Embassy have since requested a meeting with the UK Foreign Office to discuss the matter as it is effecting the tourism coming into the country which is large part of its economy.

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