From Snow to Sharks!

Two Ends of the Spectrum

The severe snowfall throughout the UK has caused all sorts of problems with various forms of transport. Domestic rail companies have had to reduce services as a result of poor weather, which is affecting commuters. Again, there are many airports closing for safety reasons.

With all of the UK’s airports you should be expecting delays at least, in some cases cancellations are a very highly outcome for a number of flights. Most airports have opened this morning, but staff are still reminding people to check with their airlines before setting off to avoid travel if possible.

The latest updates are that Southampton Airport has reopened this morning as has Leeds Bradford. Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield will remain closed until noon today.

While we must suffer with this winter weather there are those who have a whole set of problems the sun still shine. Over in sunny Sharm el Sheikh there were reports of shark attacks in the Red Sea, warnings were issued for people not to go into the water as a result.

There were two sharks wreaking havoc and both were attracted after a boat dumped dead sheep into the Red Sea. Using a similar tactic, search boats dumped liver into the sea and were able to catch the two sharks making the shores of Sharm el Sheikh safe once more.

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