Goldtrail Holiday Refunds

Companies without Atol Protection Declined Holiday Reimbursement

When British travel company Goldtrail collapsed in July of this year, thousands of holidaymakers were left stranded either at home or abroad. Many travellers have been waiting on news of their reimbursement however this week several travel retailers received the news that their customers would not be refunded. The Civil Aviation Authority has notified retailers without Atol-protection that their bookings will not be reimbursed by the Air Travel Trust Fund, a blow to those that have already suffered the disappointment of ruined travel plans. Goldtrail refunds have already started being issued to customers that have booked their breaks through travel companies with the appropriate protection. British holiday company Flightline, also known as, have already refunded 85% of its customers and is currently working on reimbursing the other waiting customers, dealing with all claims in date order.

When Goldtrail collapsed there were around 112,000 advance bookings that had been made with the Greece and Cyprus holiday specialist. Those analysing the decline of the once popular holiday company have already spoken out on their belief that one of the key factors in the collapse is overtrading. At present the Civil Aviation Authority is declining to comment on the issue however meetings with travel agencies are set to take place over the next few days to clarify the situation. It is predicted that over half of the bookings made with Goldtrail holidays were outside of the Atol-protection guidelines leaving many retailers facing long lines of unhappy customers. Any customers who are still awaiting news on their Goldtrail holiday refunds are advised to contact their travel operator.

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