Government calls to ban ‘Saloufest’

Student festival brings carnage to Spanish resort

A two week student party event is being banned by Spanish officials after thousands of drunken revellers descended on the coastal town of Salou. Saloufest is an annual event that attracts predominantly British students from around 100 universities. After the events of the past fortnight, local officials have been ordered to take action after the family resort was turned into a mini ‘sin city’. The students ignored requests by the police to tone down their actions and continued to take advantage of the free shots and cheap beer before vomiting in the streets. It is thought that many officials have turned a blind eye to the carnage due to the estimated £4 million that the students will spend across the two week period.
Last week the resort made headlines as pictures of the 5,000 revellers were showcased by major newspaper. The photos showed students in fancy dressed running riot across the resort, flashing police and lying in the middle of the streets. Almost 30 revellers have been treated for severe alcohol poisoning and one girl has claimed she was raped during the festivities. Paramedics working in the area have also expressed their horror as they carried an unconscious girl to an ambulance whilst her friends carried on drinking.
Salou’s regional government has released a statement saying that the festival is to be outlawed after running for nine years. Catalan tourism minister Josep Hugert stated “If Salou wants to keep its status as a family resort, it must maintain proper order”.  Hugert goes on to add that the town will end up paying a heavy price if it continues to attract students with slashed prices.

Author: Mary Stevens

Date: 14/04/2010

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