GREAT Britain Campaign Targets International Visitors

The UK is about to launch its biggest international promotional campaign ever next week, with the unveiling of a New York subway train decked out in the colours of the Union Jack.

The New York stunt is merely the start of a huge campaign encompassing nine countries and aiming to bring in an additional 4.6 million extra visitors over the next four years. Adverts will appear in 14 key cities, including Los Angeles, Beijing, Berlin, New Delhi, Mumbai, New York, Shanghai and Paris.

International visitor figures for the UK are already on the rise, with 30.6 million tourists arriving into the country in 2011, which was three per cent up on visitor figures for 2010. Those visitors also spent more money in 2011 than in previous years, with a record spending figure of £17.8 billion – five per cent higher than the previous year. Business travel into the UK has also increased recently, with 2011 arrivals up sis per cent on the previous year.

“We are taking the fight for the tourist pound right to our competitors’ doorsteps, with a sales assault on the 14 biggest and most lucrative tourism markets around the world,” said Jeremy Hunt, the secretary of state for culture, Olympics, media and sport.

“Right across the world, there will be no escape from the message that Britain is great,” added Mr Hunt.

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