Dessert on the Tablecloth for $450? Chicago’s Chocolate Utopia

Anyone who considers themselves a true foodie or chocolate enthusiast needs to book a trip to Chicago to experience one of the most amazing displays of food-art in the world.

As the video shows (below), head chef and owner Grant Achatz paints this incredible dessert straight onto the tablecloth before diners’ eyes. The surface is a food-grade silicon material which helps maintain the shapes created by the chefs, who use chocolate, cream and sauces all at an optimum temperature to form the intended shapes.

Once the cream, purees and chocolate have been added, the chefs arrange blueberries pickled in red wine, chocolate and peanut powder, chocolate mousse frozen in liquid nitrogen, freeze-dried blueberry shards and crème brulees torched at the table!

Exactly how you go about eating this without getting it all over yourself is anyone’s guess. Maybe that’s all part of the fun, and at $450 a head for this menu, it should be a lot of fun… even if you found some very cheap holiday deals to Chicago, this meal would probably blow your budget, but just look at it! Truly a fitting end to one of the world’s greatest culinary experiences.

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