Greece Hit by Terrorist Threats

Another Blow to the Tourist Sector
Greece has already suffered a number of blows to its tourism industry with financial issues dominating the news about this popular European destination. However as the national finances appear to be reaching a stable level, a new challenge it set to threaten the future of the tourism sector. A guerrilla group of urban terrorists known as the ‘Sect of Revolutionaries’ has declared its intentions to turn Greece into a ‘War Zone’ over the summer months. After the decline in visitors over the last few months, this is a devastating blow to those in the tourism industry after jobs were threatened by lack of revenue coming into the country.
The organisation responsible has released printed information claiming responsibility for the murder of a Greek journalist last month and has stated that ‘tourists should know that Greece is no longer a safe haven of capitalism, we aim to transform it into a war zone of revolutionary processes, with arson, sabotage, fierce demonstrations, bomb attacks and armed killings’.
The British Foreign Office has not yet issued an official warning against trips to the country however it is expected to be released in the next few days. As the latest in a series of disasters to hit the already battered tourism industry it seems like this is just one more blow to the country. Along with the threats from the ‘Sect of Revolutionaries’ Greece is also battling a strike situation as more than 35,000 truck drivers left their posts after disobeying a government order to return to work after the terrorist threats.

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