Greece Offers Olive Branch

Tourists Extra Expenditure Covered

Amid all the bad press that the Greek nation has suffered as a result of its current internal disputes due to its financial crisis, the countries government is planning to cover all the extra costs that arose due to the ash cloud crisis and the strikes occurring during their visit. This promise comes as Greece hope to maintain the strong tourism interest that they have always had and currently they vitally need the economic boost summer gives the country. While there will likely be still a strong interest into holidays throughout Greece the government aims to limit a large number of people opting not to enjoy this summer on Greek shores.

The ash cloud crisis speaks for itself, many people were forced to pick up extra accommodation, book different flights and of course the general costs of living outside your holiday budget. In an attempt to steer the country away from bankruptcy the Greek government slashed pension and raised consumer taxes, which was responded with strikes from unions and that led onto flight cancellations as well as a stop to various forms of public transportation.

Tourism is a huge part of the Greek economy and it covers around 15% of the nation’s domestic product, without it the consequences would be catastrophic. It is believed that already holiday sales are in a decline, but as the first instalment of the European Union and International Monetary Fund bailout money reaches Greece it is expected that the country should start to turn a corner. However bad the crisis was it still remains hard to believe that Greece won’t receive plenty of tourist interest this summer.

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