Have You Been Skijoring?

No it isn’t a foreign swearword I’ve used to get one over the censors, it is in fact skijoring ancient form of skiing. The Norwegian translation for the word is ‘ski-driving’, and it consists of a horse pulling you along the ice. The sport can be traced back as far as 2,500 BC but can now also be enjoyed today over in Laval, Quebec which is in Canada.

The sport is having a slight resurgence within the snowier regions on the planet, and Quebec is a leading place to try out the activity. The equestrian centre of Ferme l’Auteuilloise is where you will find all the equipment you will need to try out this great adrenaline rush. You also be looked after and taught how to do things properly by one of the staff to save you ending up stuck upside down in the snow.

Public demonstrations have been showcased at Quebec Winter Festivals to encourage people to try out the ancient sport. For those who love skiing this is something that is defiantly worth a try as it is both unusual and exciting activity to experience, plus not many people are likely to have done it. The sport was even once demonstrated at the 1928 Winter Olympics in the Swiss town of St. Moritz, which shows the attraction Skijoring once had.

Many tourists already make their way to Quebec’s various ski resort so this is a chance for those people to try something new if only just the once, and who knows they might then join the movement that see’s the ancient sport of Skijoring resurrect its Olympic status.

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