Heathrow Airport introduces full body scanners

UK Passengers flying out from Heathrow Airport will not be given a choice of an alternative security check should they protest against going through the new full body scanners that are being trialed next week.

Many people thought that a manual pat-down would be used for those that objected to going through the new scanners  but this has since been proved to be wrong.

Transport Minister Paul Clark announced that passengers will have no choice but to go through the scanners and those that object to this will not be allowed airside or to board aircraft.

‘Guard Security Jobs’ reports that Heathrow Airport will introduce full body scanners sometime next week as an experiment. They will be used everyone of Heathrows’ 5 airport terminals with passengers being randomly selected for the new full body screening.

New security measures are coming into place after the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, put Britain’s terror alert up to severe early this month.

In spite of the pressing security concerns, however, civil liberties campaigners have persisted in opposing the technology on the grounds that it violates privacy by seeing under clothing.

Many people are in support of the machines and have said that the machines will only offer hazy outlines of body contours and measures are in place to ensure that the security staff operating the scanners cannot take pictures.

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