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After the economic crisis of 2009, it seems that the world’s economy is finally on the road to recovery. Tourism is one of the main factors of the recovery playing a huge part in many countries income; competition is high to secure the biggest share in the market. International tourism is set to rebound with a growth of 3-4% estimated for 2010.
This welcome recovery has allowed Skyscanner to compile a list of countries that spend the most money on travel and tourism, allowing the tourism organisations to target their marketing budgets to attract the biggest spenders.
At the top of the list is the Germans who spend over $900 billion each year on their travels, a staggering amount compared to their population which is just over 80 million. Following Germany is the USA; American tourists spend around $79.7 billion a year on holidays, part of this is due to the large tips left in restaurants and bars.
Third place goes to the UK with an average of $68.5 billion a year spent on travel and tourism. The appeal of the hot sun and fantastic beaches do play a large part in the amount of Brits that head abroad every summer. Sky scanner has also revealed that the most popular destination for UK travellers is Spain with ‘cheap flights to Malaga’ topping the list of most searched for travel terms throughout January.
France and China appear just after the UK each spending close to $40 billion a year. China is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the field of international tourism, the country’s major economic boom has created a new middle class and taken away any the travel restrictions. Italy, Japan, Canada, Russia and the Netherlands finish the list of the top ten ‘big spenders’ in tourism.

Author: Archie Arch
Date: 19/02/2010

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