Hollywood Star Heads to Vienna

One of Hollywood’s big names has been hired by a 77 year old Austrian master builder to appear at his shopping mall located in the beautiful city of Vienna on February 10th this year. The star in question is one Lindsey Lohan, she has also agreed to accompany to 77 year old to an Opera Ball later in the evening.

The somewhat eccentric master builder has organised this event in order to create some publicity for his shopping mall in an attempt to boost sales. As well as taking Lindsey Lohan to the Opera Ball afterwards he intends to take two other ladies, one being his 16 year old daughter Jacqueline and the other his new 20 year old girlfriend. His new girlfriend goes by the name of ‘Katzi’ which translated into English means ‘nice piece of crumpet’.

Lindsey Lohan will of course draw in many members of the public due to her status as a Hollywood actor. She reached her peak of stardom during the films Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded, however since her acting has taken a back seat to her personal exploits. Despite all her recent problems she still maintains a popular reputation, something which a certain 77 year old Austrian is hoping to cash in on.

Austria’s magnificent capital Vienna has many great places for shopping including many designer boutiques, and with the likes of Lindsey Lohan soon to be strutting her stuff up and down one of the fine malls in the city a lot of interest is sure to gather.

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