Hong Kong Set For Tourism Comeback

Brand New Events and Tour Guidelines Unveiled In the City

Hong Kong’s tourism reputation has suffered a fair few blows this year after a series of scandals surrounding some questionable tour practices, however in figures released this week it seems that the city is back on track. Tourism officials are creating several promotional campaigns aimed at making the city more appealing to visitors with a selection of themed events sponsored by the local tourism authority. Visitor numbers have been steadily rising over the past few months especially with visitors from mainland China. One of the biggest events to be staged is the Hong Kong Tourism Board-Animax Hong Kong Halloween Treats Cosplay Contest; a popular trend which will see lovers of animated culture dress up as their cartoon heroes. The winners of the contest will be awarded a three day all expenses paid trip to Hong Kong, courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

The city has planned a month long celebration starting on Halloween with food and wine events and parties held across the country. The events are designed to help Hong Kong bounce back from the recent scandals and complaints from tourists. Many of the complaints were directed at the treatment of tourists by Hong Kong tour guides which has led to a new system being developed to promote ‘quality and honesty’ within the local tour groups. This new scheme has so far encouraged more than 230,000 visitors to head to the city with almost a quarter of these visitors signing up for a tour through the new system.

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