Hostage Crisis Leave Philippines Tourism in Danger

Visitor Numbers Plummet after Hostage Carnage
Visitor numbers to the Philippines are set to plummet after Monday’s hostage crisis that left right Hong Kong tourists dead. The devastating events have left the world shocked with blame being directed towards the poor handling of the SWAT team that conducted the assault. Due to the events of the last week many tourists are already starting to cancel their bookings to the Philippines. Many hotels have already reported high cancellation numbers especially those in the central Manila area. After the carnage Hong Kong released a travel ban to the Philippines, just two hours after news of the hostage drama was released to the media. Along with discouraging travellers to visit the Philippines, the Hong Kong government also withheld any form of travel insurance for those planning on travelling to Manila. One group of Hong Kong travellers have spoken to the media about their plans to cancel their forthcoming trip, stating that ‘When your government tells you not to go, then you should follow’.
Flights to the Philippines from Hong Kong will still continue to depart daily with ten flights leaving the airport on the Manila-Hong Kong route. Many are hoping that the decline in visitor numbers will be a temporary problem for the Philippines, although with the hostage crisis still fresh in everyone’s memories it seems that the decline in visitor numbers will be evident for a least the next few days. Currently the Philippines tourism agency is looking in to special offers and discount that will entice visitors from around the world to fill the gap left by Hong Kong travellers.

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