How Are We Effected By BA Strike

What the BA Strike Means to You

With the next set of walkouts due in a matter of days customers of BA are yet again put in a limbo state unsure what the outcome means for them and their planned holidays. The disruption caused will be measured by how many BA staff decide to turn up for work while the other picket in protest over the cost cutting measures brought in by the airlines bosses.

Depending on weather your flights can be rearranged or switched to another airline you may be able to avoid as much of the annoying process as possible, but the question still lingers to those who are unsure about these procedures and how it affects them. At home you are able to check the status of your flight to see whether it has been cancelled or delayed by putting in your passenger reference number. The rebooking option offers passengers the ability to set their flight date to another time 355 days after the original flight date. You could even cancel your booking and receive a refund if this is more appropriate. BA will try to get you on an alternative flight even if it means via another airline to help you avoid missing your holiday. However, if you have booked your holiday in parts then you may find things a little trickier as your ticket price may be the only refundable part.

There are some flights that won’t be affected by this strike so for those flying from Gatwick and London City Airport you can rest assured the series of 5 day strikes will not cause you any grief.

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