Hurricane Warning

Earl Threatens East Coast

Those who might be embarking on a holiday to areas along the east coast of the USA should take caution if they are travelling this week as Hurricane Earl is on the prowl. On Monday the northern areas of the Caribbean were hit by the category 3 storm and it now poses a threat to the USA, with fears that the hurricane is going to grow stronger. According to the Miami based US National Hurricane Centre believes that Hurricane Earl already has winds of up to 120mph.

On Hurricane Earl’s path of destruction it managed to destroy one home and damage several others as it made its way through Antigua, there were similar cases in St. Maarten. As the hurricane moves closer to the states you may find your flights are on red alert which could cause some delays depending on where about it is you are flying to or from. The hurricane has been causing much unrest throughout the Caribbean and looks like the coast of Florida is next to feel its wrath, many will hope that Earl runs out of steam before it reaches to the coast, but this remains to be seen.

If there is significant danger there will be updates and reports on flight times and schedules on each airline which is flying there, so it would be a good idea to keep your eyes open if you are crossing the pond sometime this week. Hurricane Earl makes his appearance on the scene just as Hurricane Danielle is disappearing over the north Atlantic which shows that ‘tis the season’.

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