Icelandic Anomaly Causes UK Grief

Flights Cancelled as Ash Alert Hits the Nation

The recent volcanic eruptions in the Eyjafjallajoekull area of Reykjavik has brought a minor economic boost to Iceland’s tourism sector but it has in turn had adverse effects on tourism in the UK as many flights from major airports are been delayed and cancelled.

After days of eruption in Reykjavik ash clouds have been created and are causing havoc in Scotland where all airports have been forced to shut down cancelling all flights until it is deemed safe again. In England major airports including Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Stansted and Birmingham have all had to make delays and cancellations with many flights. The reason behind these procedures been taken is because experts have advised tiny particles of rock, sand and glass that is floating through the air as a result of the volcanic eruptions are enough to jam the aircraft engines.

The ash cloud has potentially ruined many holidaymakers’ plans for an Easter getaway but it isn’t down to Airports been overly cautious because there are rulings in the International Civil Aviation policy which warns against flying in such conditions.

Manchester Airport and Newcastle Airport has had all arrivals cancelled and outbound flights either cancelled or delayed. John Lennon Airport in Liverpool has suspended flights till at least 1pm today, hoping things will clear up. Birmingham warned passengers that nearly 90% of their flights are expected to be cancelled as well.

This breaking news comes on the day many scientists had expected the eruptions in Reykjavik to have stopped, but currently the volcano is still erupting.

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