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Penny Saving Tip’s for Venice

The beautiful and unique city of Venice is certainly one of the world’s most attractive destinations, and don’t the locals know it! Almost everything you do comes with a price and those deemed tourists probably pay that little bit extra, so, here are some tips on how you can get around these costs to ensure you aren’t spending more than you need to and how to make it a cheaper holiday.

Venice is a bustling city and smaller than most, if you enjoy been submerged in the life and soul of a new culture then there are few ways better than by strolling through the Strada Nuova and Lista di Spagna. In both of these places you can witness the natural life of the Venetians as well as do a fair bit of window shopping in the stylish boutiques, you may even come across a fantastic bargain or two. Over at La Passeggiata Alle Zattere enjoy walks along the promenade offer fantastic views of the canal of Giudecca which can be priceless and cost nothing.

Simple walks through the city uncover the most of its beauty and while you may be tempted to think a gondola ride is a must your own two feet can provide better sightseeing. Areas like Campo San Geremia and Ponte degli Scalzi are filled with beautiful buildings throughout the winding narrow streets which are packed with delightful cafes, bakeries and bars.

Venice beach, Lido, is a great place to enjoy the best part of summer days. This perfect setting can top of a scenic holiday to Venice and best of all it won’t cost you a penny. Perhaps the best place to spend your money is in restaurants on an evening as everything else can be experienced through your own exploration.

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