Indonesian Eruption Sparks Flight Cancellations

Mount Merapi Showing No Sign of Slowing Down

Indonesian authorities have issued a warning to airlines planning on flying over routes affected by the devastating Mount Merapi volcano. The volcano has erupted again sending another large ash cloud towards the thousands of villagers that live on the mountain slopes. A spokesman for the Indonesia Transport Ministry has stated that ‘all airlines are to use and alternative route for safety reasons due to the volcanic ash’, so far there have been several international flights cancelled with other flights being closely monitored. Around 40 people have already been killed by the notoriously unpredictable volcano with shows no sign of stopping any time soon. After the chaos that followed the Icelandic volcanic eruption, travel companies are preparing themselves for what is to come next.

The volcano first erupted just hours after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake triggered a ten foot Tsunami that hit several of the islands of the remote Indonesian chain. Rescuers had recently been able to access the worst affected areas to deliver food supplies and evacuate the injured. Thousands were taken to makeshift refugee camps after their homes were destroyed before the first volcanic eruption occurred. The volcano has since spewed large heat clouds into the air with clouds of grey ash destroying everything in its path. The most recent eruption has led to authorities predicting that Mount Merapi will continue erupting into the foreseeable future. Singapore Airlines and AirAsia are the two airlines most affected by the eruption; anyone planning on travelling towards Indonesia is advised to keep track of any further updates.

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