Intergalactic Travel Triumphs

In a new list compiled by the World Travel Awards, the top ten greatest travel triumphs of the past decade have been named. Emerging at the top of the list is the dawn of Space Tourism closely followed by budget flying and the introduction of citizen travel publishing via the popular TripAdvisor.
The results were compiled by industry insiders and have been released ahead of the entry deadline for the 2010 Travel Awards that are taking place this weekend.
Other significant travel triumphs to enter the list include the ‘Dubai Gold rush’, the introduction of online check in and the emergence of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).
The launch of Space Tourism has been deemed the most significant development in travel over the past decade after Virgin Galactic announced its plans to start passenger flights to space in 2011.
Over 300 people have already signed up to travel on board the Virgin Galactic. At a business travel trade show in London, company president Will Whitehorn confirmed that their orbiter, SpaceShipTwo is undergoing extensive tests in preparation for the first flights next year, with tickets costing $200,000.
The launch of TripAdvisor in 2002 came second in the list of great travel triumphs. As the world’s largest travel review site it attracts over 36 million people to the site every year. Visitors to the site can post reviews of establishments and destinations that they have visited, without the risk of coming across fraudulent hoteliers reviews. The popularity of the site shows no sign of decreasing, with Space Tourism beginning next year it will no doubt get another ‘galactic’ category for review!

Author: Archie Arch
Date: 11/02/2010

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