It’s a Dive

In fact it’s a dive festival based on in Tobago, the sister country of Trinidad. This will be the first festival of its kind in Tobago and will be held in the coastal waters of the islands largest town Scarborough.

The event takes place in turquoise waters that wash up on Tobago’s tropical paradise, and organisers hope that it will put on show the rich and diverse environment’s as well as the plentiful and colourful marine life that inhabits the surrounding sea. The dive festival will be hosted by the Tobago House of Assembly Tourism Division along with Tourism Development Company and the Association of Tobago Dive Operators. The organiser’s are planning now for the week-long event which will take place in June, the reason for this is so that they can promote it well and try to bring in more tourism to the island.

Director of tourism Warren Solomon had this to say, “This is the first event of its kind on the island and we hope that dive enthusiasts and lovers of the sea will travel to Tobago to enjoy all the events.” He would like to see the diving festival to become an annual event that will offer a different experience to Trinidad’s ‘Carnival’ which is a celebration of life.

The event will certainly encourage some people to travel to the Caribbean island because of the many Tarpons, Sharks, Turtles and the odd Manta Ray that have been known to wander along the Tobago coast. Whether experience divers or beginners decide to come to the festival they will certainly enjoy the 400 different species of marine life that swims on the shores.

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