It’s Party Time!

Late December means party time in Colombia, Santiago de Cali to be precise, and it is there where there will be mass dance parades mixing the likes of Salsa and Samba coursing through the streets. This annual event is Feria and in 2010 saw its 52nd annual event take place.

The recent event was hugely organised and over the days it took place dance groups and musicians partied through the streets for around 20 blocks in Cali. Very popular dance groups attended the parades including Yoldance from Cuba and the Leopold Samba School coming from Brazil. Included in the large numbers that attended were 2000 Salsa and Samba dancers and 30 local dance schools, these great numbers made the event all the more magical and mesmerised the crowds that came to watch.

Where would Latin culture be without a bit of music, and in this respect Feria doesn’t miss out. The opening concert set the whole thing off with a bang with acts such as Alfredo Linares, Eddie Palmeiri performing with the band Perfecta II, Salsa orchestras Guayacan and Niche as well as Latin Grammy award winning band Chocquitown.

Perhaps just as famous as the Feria parades are the after parties that have become a legendary part of the festival. Barrio San Fernando at the old Gastronomy Scholl will be the setting for these shows which were hosted by Jakara and the Tango world champion dancer will be performing too.

The organisers expect the festival to grow in stature each year and attract tourist to see Colombia blend of many Latin cultures fused together for a weekend of glorious fun and exciting entertainment.

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