Japan vs. Hollywood

Hollywood has been leading the way for many, many years when it comes to the art of film making. UK cinema has its flutters but nothing really stands up to the continuous box office draw of what the Hollywood heavyweights can offer. The Japanese film industry on the other hand is plotting the downfall of the American reign, at least on its own shores that is.

Looking forward to a very prosperous 2010 leading film companies like Toho and its media partners have plenty of films ready to release that they hope will trump most if not all Hollywood imports this year. Toho plan to release 30 films over the coming year a few of which are anticipated to be blockbusters, all together they predict the films to gross over ¥50 billion. In July the highly anticipated third instalment of ‘Bayside Shakedown’ is expected to be very successful with the previous film earning ¥17.5 billion, which converts into $200 million (£125 million), and that is the highest box office taking for any Japanese action film ever.

Even Japans most prestigious filmmakers are finding difficulties getting projects backed which means there was or still is the potential to get more films out there. The money that circulates round Hollywood is not the same in other film industries, which can be considered a bonus as I don’t the world is ready for another satire series such as ‘Superhero Movie’, ‘Epic Movie’ and so on and so on. One can only dream that the money spent on those films, that manage to insult all 5 senses on some level, could have went towards curing one of the many fatal illness’s that plague our world today.
The Japan film industry will send all their expected hits for the year out to the various major film events on the calendar including Cannes, Berlin and Venice film festivals where they are expected to shine. The big dream is to be successful enough at these events to attract further financial backing to help push the films into other markets such as Hollywood. The end result is to make enough impact to push Hollywood’s big guns and rival their supremacy, if not this year than in the near future and who knows we may have a new world film capital.

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