Kathmandu Fried Chicken

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world but that’s no reason not to have a KFC and Pizza Hut built in its capital. The two American food chains are located over 110 countries worldwide, and there are 36,000 outlets within them. This will be the first time a multinational chain restaurant has been brought to Nepal.

The spreading of the two global chains through Nepal has come about because of a mixture of corporations that have something to do with one another, one owning this much shares in this and that. It boils down to an Indian company Devyani International who is an associate of RJ Corp which has ties with Yum!, who are Kentucky based and own both KFC and Pizza Hut. See, it’s that simple.

There has been an attempt by Devyani International to introduce American brands like Coke and Pepsi into the Asian country before but for the political instabilities caused by Maoist guerrillas. This is expected to be an issue once more since they have recently moved to phase three of an anti-government protest.

Devyani International remains confident that the move will be a success, issuing this statement ‘Consumers in Nepal are ready for the international eating-out experience.’ Perhaps they are, the size of success that they have enjoyed in America will only fill Nepalese parent full of confidence for the future. There is the added bonus that KFC is shipping its chicken supplies from the world number one chicken source, Brazil.

The future for Nepal’s main tourist districts is bright with a couple of 5 star hotels and a first commercial bank being constructed not too long ago. KFC and Pizza Hut will join local successful eateries in Kathmandu and Pokhara, and the popular brands will undoubtedly enjoy great success. For those heading to the Himalayas in the not too distant future, they could even enjoy a bargain bucket or an all you can eat buffet once scaling the mammoth climb they call Everest.

If you build it, they will come.

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