Last Minute Holidays: 10 Signs you Need One!

We all get to the point where the daily routine is no longer achievable without a good week or two off on holiday.

Although everyone is different, there are a range of warning signs to look out for that indicate meltdown is fast approaching. Here’s a checklist to see if you need to book yourself a last minute holiday before it’s too late!


That feeling that your brain no longer works at anywhere near normal capacity. That Monday morning, pre-coffee feeling, only every day of the week and regardless of caffeine levels.


Although some people suffer from this year-round, when a holiday is needed the grumps tend to be a more frequent occurrence. Usually easily diagnosed by friends and colleagues.

Frequent urge to scream

Even small and relatively minor problems cause the irrational desire to let off some steam with a verbal outburst or two. In most social situations this is inappropriate, so this suppressed desire tends to build up in an unhealthy sort of a way.


You know the feeling. Everyone around you seems to have that tanned glow from their last holiday and you’re sat there looking like Nosferatu. You’re tired and drained too, just to wash the colour out of your face a bit more.

Holiday adverts make you emotional

You’re on the train or bus to the office and you catch sight of a huge poster advertising holidays in what looks like the second Eden… depending on your temperament, waves of self-pity, yearning or general weariness wash over you and you struggle to resist the urge to abandon work entirely and run straight to the airport.

Bags under the eyes

Why is it that when you need sleep the most it’s more difficult to come by? Insomnia kicks in when we’re over-tired, and sometimes worrying about getting enough sleep keeps us up at night! The telltale excess eye-luggage is an unfortunate result.

Deleting Facebook friends who post holiday snaps

Although seeing a few snaps of your friends having a lovely time on holiday is a good thing, we all have those friends who insist on posting photographic essays of their impossibly exotic and regular travels. These people seem to spend 20 days at work per year and the rest of it sipping cocktails and taking gleeful jumping photos of themselves in front of stunning views. When you’re in need of a holiday, this becomes even more intolerable than usual.

Grey hairs/hair loss

You only have to look at presidents and prime ministers to see the effect of working long hours with few breaks on your hair. Grey flecks become snowy patches, as your once lustrous barnet thins out to look like a patchy lawn. You need a holiday.


Daydreaming and generally procrastinating in any way possible are also symptoms of needing a good long holiday. As your brain fries in the neverending ‘to-do’ lists around you, the only escape is to wander away to that happy place in your mind.


The sleeplessness, stress and grumpiness all take a toll on your immune system, and to make things worse you find yourself getting a string of sniffles and minor injuries. You start to wonder if you’re getting old and infirm, but in reality you just need a HOLIDAY!

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