Listing the Reasons to Visit Kenya

The Best of Kenya

The President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki has welcomed the publication of the book ‘Best of Kenya’ as it can only help tourism in the African nation. The 183 page fact-book has been published by Intermac Communications in collaboration with Global Village Partnerships, and it contains various information covering tourism, lifestyles and businesses that are in and around the country.

In the book you can expect to find the many positive reasons to visit Kenya to enjoy a great beach holiday in destinations like Mombasa. ‘Best of Kenya’ isn’t just expected to boost tourism, the other aim is to attract much more foreign investment and make the market better for Kenyan exports at the same time.

President Kibaki believes, “This publication is an invitation to investors, friends and well wishers to visit Kenya. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.” Kenya’s Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, is set to be the public figure to launch the book on Thursday in the capital Nairobi.

There will be two volumes to the ‘Best of Kenya’ the first covering the previously mentioned whilst the second will look at the countries ambitions and visions for the future. They are hoping that by 2030 Kenya will economic strength needed to become a secure and leading world country.

The ‘Best of Kenya’ is set to be the first of a series of book that will enlighten people to various nations across the world, with future titles including Egypt, South Africa, Dubai and Australia. All titles will become available internationally attempting to boost tourism in each country.

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