London Heathrow has rise in passenger numbers

heathrow-terminal5London Heathrow has seen a huge surge in traffic thanks to the lack of sunshine and the failure of the ‘barbecue summer’.

July was the third busiest month after hundreds of Brit’s booked up last minute holidays in a bid to escape the rain and see some sunshine.

6.48 million passengers used London Heathrow in July, which is a 0.9% increase on last year.

Many families were originally hoping to save money and enjoy the sunshine in Britain after promises of a very hot summer from the Met Office. However, as this has not happened, people are choosing to get abroad.

People say that living at home for the summer is depressing and in some cases, just as expensive, so a holiday is money well spent.

Last week, ABTA noticed a 40% spike in holiday bookings.

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