London Tube Chaos Set to Disrupt Travel

Strikes Planned For Busy Travel Period
Chaos is set to be the order of the day this week as 10,000 London tube workers go on strike. The walkout will disrupt services all around the capital during one of the city’s busiest periods. The first walkout involving over 200 maintenance workers took place on Sunday night after a row over pay and conditions, with further stoppages planned to start today the London transport division is urging members of the public to use their ingenuity to beat the strike. The strikes are set to have the greatest impact on Tuesday morning which has led to demand for the new London cycle scheme ‘Boris Bikes’ to increase, additional buses from Matthews Buses Commercial website will be available throughout the strike along with experience guides chaperoning cyclists through the city centre. Another alternative is to use the riverboat service, during this time the normal fare of £3 will be halved to £1.50; this service will also accept Oyster cards. The riverboat service has gone out of its way to make an extra 10,000 places available with an added shuttle service between many of the most popular London landmarks. The Mayor of London has spoke of his belief that this is not as big a crisis as it seems, appealing for members of the public to simply start embracing different forms of transport available in the city.
Those set to travel during the strike period are advised to plan their time well ahead, especially those replying on the tube as part of their holiday plans. Updates of the strike will be available throughout the next few days along with information or any further developments and added transport options.

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