Lonely Planet Releases 1,000 Ultimate Sights Guidebook

Travel publisher Lonely Planet has released a new travel guide detailing some of the greatest sights in the world, aiming to inspire travellers with a brief insight into a huge variety of destinations.

The new book, entitled 1,000 Ultimate Sights, has been divided into 100 sections, each with its own theme and pictorial list of ‘ultimate sights.’ Categories such as world’s mightiest rivers, finest floral phenomena, most unusual fountains, most interesting underground stations and even deadliest predators in action. The 352-page, image-heavy guide will give readers insights into everything from unusual monuments and animal migrations to dramatic canyon landscapes and spooky old dungeons.

“There are so many places in the world where I’ve ended up as a result of one tantalising glimpse in a movie, one photographic poster taster, one intriguing museum display, one seductive line in a novel,” said Tony Wheeler, co-founder of Lonely Planet. “That one tiny temptation is all it took; actually getting there has, on occasion, taken decades, but eventually I’m standing there thinking: “well there it is, I’m finally seeing it.””

The book includes both man-made spectacles as well as natural phenomena, taking in architectural marvels such as the Sagrada Familia in Spain, historic sites such as the ruins at Volubilis in Morocco and wildlife displays such as the elephant gathering of Sri Lanka. For travellers looking for more detailed guidance about what exactly to do while on their travels, Lonely Planet has also produced a guidebook called 1,000 Ultimate Experiences, containing suggestions as diverse as sleeping under the stars in Jordan in a Bedouin tent and taking a Banksy-spotting art tour of Bristol.



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