Long-Haul Travellers Book Into Heartbreak Hotel

An exotic trip abroad has become a popular way to get over a failed relationship, according to a new survey by Virgin Atlantic.

The airline surveyed passengers and found that ten per cent of those travelling to far-flung destinations were jetting off on a holiday to try to mend their broken hearts. In a statement which some might view as being callous, but which we find highly amusing, Virgin dubbed these travellers ‘Elvis passengers’ after the singer’s famous song Heartbreak Hotel.

Travellers seeking solace from their relationship woes tend to opt for the more luxurious and opulent destinations, according to the airline, perhaps to try to soothe themselves back to normality after romantic trauma. Out of Virgin’s range of destinations, the Caribbean island resorts of St Lucia were the most popular choice for lovelorn travellers, with Antigua, Jamaica and Las Vegas making up the next most popular options. The best antidote to a broken heart would appear to be a relaxing week on a tropical beach if these destinations are anything to go by, with the more hedonistic option of Vegas also being seen as a decent solution.

For lovers unfortunate enough to be dumped during the gloomy winter months, Sydney came out top as the destination for soothing the winter blues, beating other winter favourites such as Miami, Barbados, Hong Kong and Cape Town.

“There’s nothing like getting onboard an aircraft to leave emotional baggage behind,” said Virgin spokeswoman Laura Hutcheson. “Jetting off on a holiday is now regarded as the perfect remedy for thousands of disappointed lovers every year,” she added.



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