Love is in the Benidorm air!

Brits head to Benidorm for Romance

A new survey  has revealed that this year’s most popular Valentines destination for British couples is, Benidorm. The Costa Blanca resort climbed to the top of the list, beating off more typical romantic destinations such as Paris, Rome and Venice. Visits during the Valentines weekend have increased by 55% compared to last year’s figures. Benidorm’s inclusion on the list has come as a surprise to many of the leading tour operators as Valentines Day travel has usually been dominated by destinations such as Paris, Rome and Amsterdam.
In 2008 a leading academic from the University of Angers in France declared that the resort was one of the world unknown cultural gems and should be considered as a World Heritage Site. The resort itself was a small village until it was transformed into a high rise resort with the potential for mass tourism. Each year over 500,000 British tourists arrive in Benidorm, many encouraged by the popular ITV sitcom of the same name. Over the past few years Benidorm has suffered from a stereotypical reputation of being a destination for lager louts and rowdy teens, however Professor Duhamel from the University of Angers states that ‘Benidorm is unique to Europe, for many years everybody spoke badly of Benidorm’s aesthetics, but with time it has gained value, as has happened in other examples of architectural world heritage’
The rest of the top Valentines destinations included New York, Torremolinos, Dublin and Budapest.

Author: Mary Stevens
Date: 23/02/2010

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