Luxury on Wheels!

Ride in Style with India’s Luxury Train Service

Heading from Kolkata to New Delhi and back this new train service, the Maharajas’ Express, is looking to draw in international train enthusiasts. It is no doubt that the train will see some immediate interest due to the extreme luxurious nature of it. As you would expect from great luxury comes great price and the average fee per night is $800 (US), moving up to one of the top suits on the train you will have to part with around $2,500 a night.

Although this may appear like an excursion available for the super rich you could really look at it as holiday trip in itself. While most people wouldn’t be keen on the thought of a 8 or 9 hour flight to India only to stay on a train for a couple of night’s there will people who will. Not just train enthusiast will make the distance people who are looking to experience the unique side of luxury are going to spend to experience it, if only to just say that they have.

The construction of the moving hotel is said to be around $13 million which has come from public and private investment. You will be able to travel throughout India on the Maharajas’ Express where others don’t, stop off at the holy city of Varanasi and the Taj Mahal or better still visit the city of Mumbai. The extra destinations on the route are part of the deal when you part with your hard earned money, but the overall package does seem to be worth every penny.

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