Majorca: Come One, Come All

Majorca is one of the most visited holiday destinations for all Europeans including mainland Spaniards, but now the island is set to be invaded from a different continent and one that is sure to come in large numbers.
15 tour operators from China will heading to Majorca on a fact finding mission to find out whether the island is a worthwhile holiday destination for their fellow countrymen. A mission hasn’t been so big since the Chinese space race in 2005 yet the result will surely be a little more conclusive.
With well over a billion Chinese citizens, Majorca may need to build a couple more hotels here and there, and Spanish contractors may not have six years only have built a wall. Because of the economic turnaround that China has seen in recent years and now businesses coming out of the country are looking to make international links. Many Chinese tour operators are keen to establish a strong location in the Balearic Island mainly due to the popularity it has with other world travellers. Links are hoped to be established by early 2010.
The Palma Councillor for Institutional Relations in Tourism Joana Maria Borres, believes that success is a very probable outcome for this proposed link with the Chinese. She explained that Palma, Majorca’s Capital, has links with other Spanish cities Seville and Bilbao offering direct flights to them. This link could be incorporated in a deal with Chinese tour operators where a trip to Palma could include day trips to Seville and Bilbao flying from and back through Palma Airport.
This connection could see the amount of tourists who flock to Majorca over the summer double which is hugely exciting for the local tourism council because it would result in plenty of new developments cropping up all over the island.

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