Mammal Numbers Falling

Majestic Beasts in Population Scare

Extensive research into the population of such mammals as lions, zebras and giraffes has resulted in some alarming results, which in short show that the average for their population is down 59% since 1970. This news shows a large loss of large mammals across the continent of Africa which is something which those who run national parks must address and attempt create a solution which can bring about a steady increase. While the animal’s welfare and security from extinction is the main priority here, many see this as an ever fading chance to some of the Earths gracious creatures for the last time.

The protection of animals within the national parks needs to be heightened, though at the same time major interference in their natural lives is something that should be avoided. Of course much of Africa’s tourism income comes as a result of its national parks which offer safaris and the chance to see animals that most tourists will have only seen on TV or captive in a zoo. The Zoological Society of London conducted many aerial surveys which accounts for 69 species in 78 protected areas throughout Africa from the period between 1970 and 2005. These studies are the source of the information which has highlighted the decline in the animal’s populations.

The good news that came from the studies is that the decline has begun to slow over the last decade or so and with the continuous improvement of the facilities and management the numbers should begin to return to normal.

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