Man Honoured for Flying 10 Million Miles

A man in the US has been honoured by United Airlines after becoming the first of its frequent flyer customers to fly 10 million miles on nearly 6,000 flights.

While many of us may start to feel like we live on a plane as we sit in cramped conditions on the way to our yearly cheap holidays in Spain, Tom Stuker has indeed spent much of his life in an airline seat, jetsetting around the globe. Mr Stuker, from Bloomingdale, Illinois, is set to be honoured by United Airlines for his loyalty and custom over the year by having his name painted on the side of a Boeing 747 airline jet.

The car sales specialist was flying between Los Angeles and Chicago when he tipped his mileage total over the 10 million mark, and was given a champagne reception by cabin crew on the flight. Upon arrival at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, he was met by United’s CEO Jeff Smisek, along with other company officials. They presented the flying enthusiast with a titanium Mileage Plus loyalty card – the first of its kind according to reports from MSNBC.

Tom Stuker’s epic airline lifestyle began in 1982 when he first joined United’s Mileage Plus programme, and since then he has taken 5,962 flights, travelling to all 50 US states, as well as flying to Australia and back 200 times, and to Asia nearly 30 times.

On three separate occasions, Mr Stuker went as far as to spend five consecutive days travelling by air, living on airline food.

“I love the solace and peacefulness at 40,000 feet,” explained the intrepid sales expert. “That’s where I do my best creative work writing my training materials.”



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