Many Still Stranded in Airports around World

Ash Cloud Still Leaves Thousands Stuck
Although many tourists have returned home after the chaos caused by the Icelandic volcanic ash, around 50,000 travellers still remain stranded in airports around the world. In many parts of the world there are simply not enough planes to transport the thousands of stranded passengers back home; some passengers have already been told that they may not return home till the end of May. Although a large number of passengers have been offered food and accommodation, many stranded in non-EU countries have had to resort to sleeping rough in airports while waiting for confirmation of a seat home.
The travel industry had aimed to bring home more than 100,000 passengers stranded by the ash cloud before the 25th April, however as concerns surrounding the volcano appear to subside, many are fearful that they may be forgotten. Sir Richard Branson has stated that his airline was still battling to get some people home and that although they are nearly on top of the problem, it may take another week or so to get back to normal.
Many passengers have already relayed their worries about the amount of money that they have spent during the last week, especially those in non-EU countries. Passengers stuck in Bangkok Airport have the added pressure of the anti-government protests taking place in the city itself. Two of the largest airlines in Britain have launched an appeal for volunteers to give up their seats to stranded passengers; British Airways boss Willie Walsh has also released a YouTube message to customers assuring them of his airlines commitment to bringing all passengers home.

Author: Archie Arch

Date: 26/04/2010

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