McAleese Aims to Please

Irish Presidents Business Trip to China

Irish President Mary McAleese will this week head out on a 5 day visit of China with the overall aim of giving a boost to business links between the two nations. There will be a variety of meetings with various Chinese officials to discuss a whole host of issues which can ultimately benefit both the Irish and the Chinese. President McAleese will also spend time visiting schools and migrant workers in the Chinese capital Beijing.

There will be little time for the Irish President to rest during this visit as there are plans for her to speak at a meeting for business leaders discussing what is becoming known as “Ireland-China relations, the next phase”. Whilst the tagline is hardly a Hollywood classic the expected outcome will certainly become much more profitable. After a stint in Beijing McAleese will then be travelling south along China’s east coast heading for Shanghai, it is there where perhaps the Chinese will aim to benefit from her visit greatly.

Currently Shanghai is having it 2010 Expo during which tourism is a key factor and China has been well documented of late in its attempt to have strong ties with European destinations to see tourism going in as well as its own people flying out. President McAleese is expected to be at the 2010 Expo on Thursday when the Chinese will be celebrating Ireland’s National Day. She will be the guest of honour at a lunch organised and hosted by Shanghai’s Mayor. The Chinese will see McAleese visit as an ideal opportunity to create a strong bond in a variety of business relationships.

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