Meet the Scots!

Scotland extends a warm welcome
A new campaign is being launched by Visit Scotland to encourage more visitors to enjoy the country as a holiday destination. The campaign is focusing on the ‘real people of Scotland’, locals who have a passion for the country including a chef, a Loch Ness expert and a wildlife guide. Fourteen people have been chosen by the tourism board to represent their country all from different walks of life. The campaign will kick off in England before travelling to France, Spain and a variety of other European countries with high levels of tourism.
The organisers hope that the campaign will inspire tourists to come to the country following the success of last year’s drive which generated around £85 million. Each of the representatives have been photographed for the ‘Meet the Scots’ promotion, highlighting their specific interest in the country. The group also includes Scots with passions for island hopping, food and drink and fashion, with occupations range from Duke and Duchess to barman.
Denise Hill, the Head of International Marketing for Visit Scotland states that ‘Many European visitors are extremely knowledgeable about Scotland and want to experience a deeper understanding of the country and its people’. The campaign is geared to strike a chord with Europeans that are interested in learning about the history and heritage of Scotland along with tourists looking to experience the fantastic natural scenery.
Tourism is a critical part of Scotland economy, in the current financial climate it is crucial that tourism campaigns both promote and maintain Scotland place as a fantastic year round holiday destination.

Author: Peter Ellis Amoore
Date: 25.02.2010

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