Melbourne-The Musical

A new YouTube video takes visitors around the tourist hotspots in Melbourne

Melbourne has launched a new viral video campaign to encourage more tourism to the area. Tourism Victoria’s latest promotion is a YouTube video performed by a Canadian blogger and a band of local amateur musicians. The video shows the cast dancing and singing through the streets of Melbourne, praising its tourism spots in a style that would not look out of place in Glee.

Tourism Victoria hired the musician last year after he applied unsuccessfully for Queensland’s ‘Best Job in the World’ promotion. Mitchell Moffit, 21 was then flown to Melbourne on an all expenses research trip after his music themed audition turned the heads of campaign executives. He was then loaned a digital camera and a recording studio to make the viral video.

The video entitles ‘Melbourne, Australia- The Musical’ was uploaded onto YouTube last week. Moffit works his way through the city’s lane-ways and around many of the popular tourist hotspots that the city offers. One of the sites visited is the Butterfly Club, a cabaret venue where Moffit managed to recruit a hoard of dancers to accompany him on his musical tour of the city. With his band of jazz handed friends Moffit sings about the joys of Melbourne proclaiming Melbourne! Don’t want to leave it, because it’s Melbourne! And it brought us here, together, our lives forever more”.

Just ten days after the video was uploaded it already had over 1,000 views; a great start to what could have been a risky promotional move. The annual Australian visitor survey has also recently revealed that Tourism Victoria is outperforming every other Australian state within a rapidly increasing number of overnight visitors.

Author: Mary Stevens
Date: 11/03/2010

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