How to Get the Best out of Menorca

Travel writer Annie Bennett recently highlighted the best ways to experience the Balearic island of Menorca.

Long a favourite of sun-hungry Brits needing a good value getaway during the summer holidays, Ms Bennett recommended Menorca’s gentle landscape for cycling and walking, as well as its scenic coastal paths, beautiful coves and beaches to explore. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Ms Bennett explained how the island’s hottest months tend to be July and August, but that spring is a particularly rewarding time to visit. The almond blossom is out in full force during the spring, making it a particularly beautiful time to visit.

Buses ferry tourists around the island, and cover much of the central and southern parts of Menorca, But Ms Bennett recommended hiring a car to reach some of the more remote beaches on the island. Another tip for travellers to Menorca was that it is essential to carry a passport, as this is law on the island, and many shops also insist on a passport being shown when cards are used for payments. If you need to renew your passport there will be a passport renewal fee. Winter was also recommended for those looking to experience normal life on the island and for travellers seeking more than sunshine and beaches from their holidays in Menorca. Most resorts close down over winter but there are still accommodation options. Attractions open to visitors year-round include the island’s many megalithic sites, featuring ancient altars, burial chambers and watchtowers. As well as these the island is famed for its leather goods stores and there are also various festivals running through August and September.



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