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Modern Update for Ancient City

The ancient city of Suzhou, China, is home to the newly constructed Hotel Soul which isn’t short of mesmerizing design and sumptuous luxury. What has been designed as a ‘miracle’ design motif creates a stunning feel and look to this new age accommodation located in the very heart of Suzhou. The hotel Soul is but a few minutes’ walk from the cities lively downtown and the shopping in Guan Qian Street shopping area. Set between two futuristic science parks the hotel is certainly a picture of what the future will be like.

The hotel is owned and run by the GR8 Leisure Concept hospitality group which is based in Hong Kong. The Hotel Soul is also part of the Epoque Hotels which only allows the best and unique hotels to be on its lists. China is certainly making great headway into creating itself a very welcoming and stylistic holiday destination for potential tourists to enjoy. Currently China is a fairly expensive destination and there will be a minority of holidaymakers making their way to the oriental nation, however, the future aim is that travel to various Chinese destinations will be as easy as a trip to Majorca.

This mammoth hotel has 225 rooms as well as a gym, an ‘iSpace’ bar and even a ‘Spaceship’ lift, the theme in the Hotel Soul is certainly an advanced one. Along with all the typical services and facilities the hotel raises the bars in terms of experience, something which is certainly expected to be duplicated throughout China in the coming years.

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