More Airport Closures over Weekend

Volcano still causing travel misery
Airports across Europe are reopening again after more flights were cancelled or disrupted due to the volcanic ash cloud. Almost all airports are open however a select few in Portugal remain closed as of today. Madeira’s Porto Santo and Funchal airports are set to remain closed until tonight along with Lisbon and Cascais airports that were given the same prediction. Around 200 flights were grounded over the weekend which led to more misery for travellers looking to fly.
Italy’s main airports were also reopened after widespread disruption and delays for all UK bound flights, in France authorities grounded at least 70 flights over the weekend however airspace has returned to normal for the time being. Many holidaymakers heading to Spain were disappointed after 19 of its main airports were closed on Saturday; the majority of the closures were in the north of the country.
UK airports were also affected over the weekend with Scottish and Irish airspace facing restrictions however these were all cleared by aviation authorities by Sunday night. After the five day chaos that the Eyjafjallajokull volcano caused last month, many travellers are hoping that this latest increase of activity is the last. Recent images from Iceland have shown that activity in the volcano has increased with ash being emitting up to 20,000ft. Anyone looking to travel within the next week is advised to check the details of their flights before arriving in the airport.

Author: Frank Lumley


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