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Economists have predicted that the Pound will once again become much stronger than the Euro, many believe by the end of January people will be booking holidays to warming climates, namely Spain.

It is anticipated that the Pound will grow over the next six months which is perfect for holidaymakers who are looking to book up. Spain is the destination that most Brit’s tend to choose whether it be on the mainland or its surrounding islands. This news has put smiles back on the faces of many British travel agents as the recent weather has not just frozen the streets but the holiday market as well. The weather experienced throughout Briton is likely to urge more people to take a holiday to warmer shores and as a result give tourism a great boom. Holidaymakers traditionally choose Spanish destinations as there they know they will enjoy great temperatures that average around 28°C and the sun will be shining about 10 hours a day, the perfect cure for the winter blues suffered this over December and January.

The Reuters news agency say that economist anticipate the Euro to come down to 84p by the time summer arrives with it currently hovering around the 88p mark. This change will alert many people thinking of taking a holiday and most probably motivate them to book up sooner rather than later. The likes of Spain could see one of their busiest and lucrative holiday season in 2010 as people will be more determined to have guaranteed sun rather than risk a mild British summer.

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