Natural Disaster Strikes Again

Killer Mexican Mudslide

While the ‘Mexican wave’ is something which expresses enjoyment and jubilation the Mexican mudslide is a much more sombre affair. The south eastern regions of Mexico have fell victim to the natural disaster which has ended lives and destroyed homes. Places where the tragedies have been localised include towns like Amatan in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. Oaxaca is the southern state where government officials are now working hard save lives and repair damage.

The most recent mudslides occurred last Tuesday and Wednesday where now a mixture of emergency services workers and volunteers were trying save survivors and exhume the others.

Heavy rains have caused havoc to the roads and towns of southern Mexico which has had a fatal aftermath on the people there. The area itself has suffered plenty as one week a hurricane ripped through the area, while the next saw a tropical storm create a whole new set of problems. While preservation of life is the main aim this will also have adverse effects on tourism around the coast of both states, Chiapas and Oaxaca.

Thankfully after rescue attempts that went on meant that suspected death counts lowered as people were been discovered injured, but alive.

Reports of the circumstances gave a good example of what Mother Nature is really capable of. The Civil Protection Operations Co-ordinator, Luis Marin, told of how there has been 3 days of constant rain in the state of Oaxaca which led to the flooding via manholes and rivers overflowing. The hope now that the worst has been and that rebuilding the damage can soon begin.

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