New Orleans Tourism Ad Causes Brit Upset

Slogan deemed to be ‘anti British’
New Orleans has dropped a controversial new tourism campaign after many declared the ‘toungue in cheek’ message to have an anti British stance. The campaign, launched in the wake of the BP oil spill ran with the line ‘This isn’t the first time New Orleans has survived the British’ which is feared may give tourists the impression that the oil spill is being blamed on the Brits. The New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau have now dropped the campaign which was originally designed to encourage visitors to visit the area after the oil spill.
The tag line refers to the Battle of New Orleans where the British troops were defeated and General Andrew Jackson led the state to victory. The tourism bureaus president has defended the campaign stating that “We thought, with all the grief, we would try to turn things a little bit lighter and more tongue in cheek. “So far, unfortunately, it has had devastating consequences that were not intended.”
Further controversy was generated after it was revealed that the funding for the campaign was from a donation from BP of around £3.3 million. Donations have also been made to other American states that have been affected by the spill. A new campaign will run with the slogans ‘Anyone else need a cocktail?’ and ‘You can do watcha wanna in New Orleans’. An apology was released by the tourism bureau that explains that no ill feelings were meant to be caused by the ad and emphasised the importance of British visitors to its tourism market.

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