New York Art Project

Music in the Streets

British artist Luke Jerram is the man behind a two week art project which will be based through the United States of America, making its first stop on the streets of New York. Jerram has orchestrated this project in other cities also starting back in 2008 including Sydney, Sao Paulo and London, though New York is the biggest so far. In various areas such as public parks there will be pianos placed where people can come and enjoy playing music whilst others are inspired to sing. The pianos are open for the public to come and play between 9 and 10 while afterwards the more experienced players get their chance. The project started on Monday and currently the only problems have been replacing keys as the result of small children hammering away. The pianos gathered large crowds of people who were simply passing by and couldn’t resist the call of the music. Various members of the public played a whole host of classic songs which were followed up by a huge chorus of vocals from the passerby‘s. Van Cortlandt Park, East Village and Time Square are just a few locations where the 60 pianos where placed throughout New York. Old piano teachers, young students and those who had never even touched a piano before flocked to the streets of New York to experience this unique display. Music from Beethoven to Elton John could be heard. The overwhelming success of this art project backs up Jerram’s belief that people need more music in their lives.

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