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Londoners Told to Beat Strike

Another 24 hour strike is upon the London Underground, the third in fact. Two transport unions are set to spearhead this new strike after job cuts totalling around 800 jobs. Thursday this week (04/11/2010) is set to be the day when the 24 hour strike commences. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has challenged the people of London to once again fight the strike with other forms of transport.

With the likes of the SkyRide and these frequent strikes occurring, it seems the people of London are having a lot of opportunities to enjoy exercise with a bicycle these days.

Although the dust has barely settled on what will be another traumatic day for commuters, a fourth strike is already in the pipeline. This all suggests that trade unions aren’t particularly succeeding with their demands and the strikes are been undermined with tactics such as cycling to work.

Boris Johnson has labelled the strikes “pointless” and has been more than happy to highlight the various other forms of transport available to help people commute around London. Unions are asking that the cuts to the transport sector are suspended and in return so will the strikes, but it appears these requests are falling on deaf ears.

Whilst many will be forced to take an alternative route and form of transport to work this Thursday, 40% of services will still be in operation. It still remains unclear if, or when, a conclusion will finally resolve this issue, but what is clear is the fourth strike is set for 29th November.

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