Obama Encourages Gulf Tourism

US President Urges Visitors Not to Cancel Plans
With the continuing efforts to clean up the devastating BP oil spill, President Obama has this week taken on the role of tourism chief to urge tourists not to cancel their holiday plans to the Gulf Coast. President Obama stated that the region is still a stunning display of outstanding beauty and is definitely “open for business”. Although many of the beaches are still in need of substantial cleaning, the President has promised local residents and tourism businesses that they would soon be restored to their pristine condition.
The Gulf Coast relies heavily on both regional and international tourism with many businesses relying on the thousands of visitors that arrive each year. President Obama addressed the waiting press on his fourth visit to the region since the oil rig explosion. After asking people not to cancel their holiday plans he went on to speak about the impact of the spill and the importance of trying to minimise the damage before hurting the local tourism industry.
Many of the beaches offer a range of boat excursions, water sport facilities and are lined with restaurants and bars. Due to the effects of the oil spill, many of the boat trips have had to cancel their daily tourism excursions, until the cleanup operation has been completed this aspect of the Gulf tourism industry will continue to suffer. With the US Presidents encouragement, the residents of the Gulf Coast are hoping that tourist still choose the region as the destination for their holidays this year.

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